Bionic Engineering Lab

Bionics is the study of engineering systems that function like living organisms or parts of living organisms. At the Bionic Engineering Lab, we aim to develop novel advanced bionic technologies and systems that can improve the ability of individuals to move and live independently. We are particularly interested in Wearable Robots, such as Robotic Limb Prostheses and Powered Exoskeletons. Our research activity focuses on the intersection of Robotics, Design, Control, and Biomechanics. We invent, prototype, engineer, and test bionic devices and methods that help people perform movements.

The Bionic Engineering Lab is directed by Prof. Tommaso Lenzi and is affiliated with the Utah Robotics Center and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah.


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  • User-Adaptive Control with Minimum-Jerk Planning

    User-Adaptive Control with Minimum-Jerk Planning

    Abstract We developed a novel control architecture for robotic leg prostheses that adapts online at each step to provide biological …
  • Robotic Retrofit Prosthesis

    Robotic Retrofit Prosthesis

    Abstract We designed a robotic system that can transform a conventional passive prosthesis into a powered robotic leg, thus allowing …
  • Hybrid Knee

    Hybrid Knee

    Abstract We developed a novel hybrid actuation system for robotic knee prosthesis that combines a conventional passive spring/damper system with …